■ Company name

nightsky_frame“Antecanis” is an alternative name of Procyon (α CMi), a 1st-magnitude star in a winter constellation Canis Minor.

So-called “Winter Triangle” consists of Sirius of Canis Major, Betelgeuse of Orion and Procyon of Canis Minor.

Long time ago, in the ancient Egyptian civilization around the Nile. It was very important for the people there to know when the Nile flooded, which told them when to start cultivating their land. This led to the birth of ancient astronomy; Sirius rising in the East before the sunrise informed them the flood of the Nile was coming, and the star was deified as a symbol of fertility (the holy “Dog Star”).

Procyon, rising just before Sirius, was the sign that Sirius would rise soon. In Greek “pro(before)-cyon(dog)”, or in Latin “ante(before)-canis(dog)” both mean the star rising before Sirius.

Like the star of Procyon, we want to be a “sign” to inform the arrival of next future…

This is the story behind the name of “Antecanis”.

■ Logo

antecanis_wideCanis Minor, which Procyon (where the name of the company comes from) belongs to, is a small constellation. It mainly consists of only two stars. This logo shows the shape of the constellation, with the bottom-left circle as the bright star Procyon.

At the same time, this arrow from bottom-left to top-right means to indicate the next future.

The color is dark blue of night sky, mixed with light yellow of the star Procyon.