Our service

Introductory summary of our services.
The followings are where our strength lies, though we welcome any inquiries and design how to serve fitting the situation.

■ Areas of topics

  1. Derive solutions for immediate issues, with variety of business intelligence methodologies
    • Structuring and visualizing the issues
    • Financial analysis of accounting statements; P/L, B/S etc.
    • Database mining, strategic visualization of data
    • Analysis of competitors’ tactics, comparison analysis with the own company
    • Market survey, which derives market structure, links between customers’ purchase action and solutions
    • Internal employees survey, which reveals organizational issues


  2. Through sophisticated market survey, map the market and the customers to enable strategy designing
    • Market and customer data analysis with scientific accuracy, based on rigid statistics
    • Multi-angle visualization of market structure, not only “market share vs. competitors”
    • Customers’ decision behavior both conciously and unconciously, with both of quantitative and qualitative data
    • Quantified impact of factors from products, services to sales channel, promotion channel
    • Tailor-made logical designing to derive the solution, customising advanced statistical methodologies


  3. Design “optimization” mechanism based on unbiased information
    • Optimization mechanism of pricing
    • Optimization mechanism of advertisement and promotion, its channel-mix and volume/frequency
    • Optimization mechanism of demand and supply
    • Utilization of customer database (so-called “big data”)


  4. Transfer strategic thinking and market analysis technology
    • Classroom lectures and workshop
    • On-the-job training via co-working projects
    • Continuous advisory role

Our aspirations through the topics above is to make these wishes of yours come true;
“I want to have another point of view and think the vision with wider vista.”
“I want to get a proof to my own point of view and think the future with more confidence”

■ Service style

Actual activity styles are assumed as follows, though it is highly customizable depending on inquiries.

  1. Discussion, conslutation
    [any time, with no charge]
  2. Shorter project: Derivation of a specific solution for a certain topic
    [for several weeks]
  3. Longer project: Acquisition of viewpoints for comprehensive strategy design
    (1. current issues and hypothesis, 2. market research and data analysis, 3. utilization of the result and suggestion for strategy)
    [for several months]
  4. Continuous advisory role

■ Clients

  1. Large Enterprises
    Often working with Strategy (Planning, Management) divisions and Marketing divisions, but inquiries from any sections are welcome.
  2. Small and Medium Enterprises
    Please feel free to contact us, as we can seek how to support with limited budget.
  3. Public entities
    Government offices, local governments, educational institutions, medical institutions, non-profit organizations… We can support with discounted fee.
  4. Start-up ventures
    Advisory role like a “CMO”, with no charge or rewarded later.

Please don’t hesitate to reach us when you want to know more.
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