From the standpoint of overlooking both business strategy/business knowledge and information/data technology, from comprehensive strategic issues to detailed technological development, we will serve a wide range of advisory role including strategic coordination, business idea generation and technology-oriented topics.

About Strategy&Tech Advisory

For example, some companies have built a non-digital business foundation for decades, but now find it a challenge in the mid- and long-term management plan how to shift business strategies in the digital era.

Or, conversely, some other companies have next-generation technologies with confidence to be successful, but the path to commercialization is unclear, such as what kind of business model to deploy and what is necessary factors before business development.

There are already methodology systems and various cases existing over both business strategy and data technology, and it is quite often easier just to rely on such experience knowledge than to solely deepening too long consideration.

In addition, even if there is no immediate and clear answer, there are still many things to make a big step forward. To narrow down the points to be thought out, or to set information and human resources necessary to find out the answer, just acting as a discussion partner and facilitator usually helps the situation dramatically.

In business management where speed is more important than anything, it can be said that efficiently using knowledge of external experts is a kind of buying time.

Service configuration example
  • Strategic business direction
    For medium- and long-term business development direction planning, we will advise and facilitate the broad themes, such as changing business fields according to technology trends, examining business portfolios, and accelerating the launch of new businesses.
  • Technology-related knowledge
    In contexts such as product development and new business launch, we will also serve as advice and facilitator for a variety of individual projects, for example how to incorporate data technology in creating business with totally new value, or what is necessary steps to proceed to really establish such business, what condition the necessary talent to acquire should have.
Service process
  • Status check · Method selection
    When you contact us, firstly we will ask the current situation. The issues you prioritizes and what kind of support you requires.
    Also, when assuming our advising role, we will also adjust the way of taking time and efficient communication.
  • Condition adjustment
    We will ask you to adjust scheduling time, cost estimation etc, and ask for internal approval.
    (NDA exchange if necessary at initial contract)
  • Sessions
    For example when securing a timeframe setting such as once a week, we typically use each time, firstly sharing the situation at the beginning, then discussing issues and solution, and finalizing with setting agenda until the next time.
    Alternatively, we can change the theme every turn, and for some times we can use the time for planning new businesses, another time for technology development, another time for mid-term business plan, etc. on a theme by theme.
  • Deliverables
    In this case we do not assume deliverables. When a task requiring delivery occurs, ask separately.
Experience example
  • Manufacture and retail company
    We aimed to grow from traditional retail store management to a digital company based on customer database. Members are gathered to form a team who can use elementary data technology, and technological guidance was given to the team on a regular basis once a week. In each session the members shared their learning from what they experienced while data analysis, marketing execution or algorithm development during last time to this time, provided know-how in the context of practical experience. With this way, the participants successfully combined their technical skill acquisition and practical business capability building.
  • IT service company
    We set up a place for discussion regularly held over several months of the new business launch phase. We designed the product and service to incorporate the data technology, to differentiate from existing competitors. Then the next discussion was to secure resources to accelerate development schedule, discussing the entire business model including listing up potential customer companies to approach. We participated specifically in the proposal to the first customer up to the sales document, even accompanied to visit to customer companies in some cases, there explained to customers what is innovation as service, data technology in the background, and appeal point to the strategic issue in the customer company.
  • And many others

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