As a vision stated on the top page, we aim for the world where the following three become commonplace.

1. “Strategic & Scientific”, To the era of mastery of strategic and scientific decision making.
2. “Innovation with Technologies”, Continue innovation by taking technology as a matter of course.
3. “Talent Enhancement”, We place great importance on combining competent talent.

1. Strategic & Scientific

There are not a few examples among those who are calling for “strategy” in the business world, it has become an ad hoc judgment with some empirical rule.
There are a few cases where some people who are calling for “science” in the business world are talking about poking the corner of a box, and lacking a global perspective.

A new business leader image that is needed in the era of contemporary innovation leads a humanitarian who combines both a general perspective and a purpose-oriented viewpoint talking about a strategy, and a mathematical thinking technology to be commonly used now I think that should be done.

2. Innovation with Technologies

When considering the modern broad view as a management strategist, it is natural to include information technology, in particular the technical group of Internet, web and mobile, and the data group of science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, among all strategy formulations It should be.

It is not a decision of a level that simply thinks of “choosing to go right or left”, but has a will and intention as an innovator · entrepreneur who creates a new business structure which has not existed so far, new We will continue to challenge the era.

3. Talent Enhancement

No business strategy nor innovation is worth creating anything just by arranging presentation materials and ideas on the desk.

What is needed in the AI era is a person who combines objective thinking with a whole view, mathematical structural thinking, and creative thinking that creates innovation, unless the desk material is a company It is difficult to change.

A methodology that brings advanced capabilities such as truly fostering human resources by designing creative learning, setting up human resources requirements that can create new businesses, and talent discovery should be an action to create the next generation.

Our company name also has a meaning to contribute to a new era as mentioned above.

Origin of company name

“Antecanis” is an alternative name of Procyon (α CMi), a 1st-magnitude star in a winter constellation Canis Minor.

So-called “Winter Triangle” consists of Sirius of Canis Major, Betelgeuse of Orion and Procyon of Canis Minor.

Long time ago, in the ancient Egyptian civilization around the Nile. It was very important for the people there to know when the Nile flooded, which told them when to start cultivating their land. This led to the birth of ancient astronomy; Sirius rising in the East before the sunrise informed them the flood of the Nile was coming, and the star was deified as a symbol of fertility (the holy “Dog Star”).

Procyon, rising just before Sirius, was the sign that Sirius would rise soon. In Greek “pro(before)-cyon(dog)”, or in Latin “ante(before)-canis(dog)” both mean the star rising before Sirius.

Like the star of Procyon, we want to be a “sign” to inform the arrival of next future…

This is the story behind the name of “Antecanis”.