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« Introduction »

#01 scientific method and business
I introduce while pick up a particular case a variety of challenges and activities of the scientific method in the field of business .

« Thinking technology »
#02 Through groups and position
The technology required to draw the decision-making ” chart of strategy ” that sticks into the intuition , and corporate strategy . Customer-centric clustering , I will explain the thinking technique based on experience .

#03 Through “causal relationship”
Corporate decision-making , that is, or fill to achieve the objective if able to produce any “Cause ” and ” results” . I teach you the basics and applications for the corporate strategy of ” causal relationship ” thinking .

#04 Through the “partial and whole “
Plan content : relationship of weight error probability distribution , mean , standard deviation , error , and the unit , and the number N , restoration of the entire sample survey by

#05 Through the “best state”
Optimization of supply the maximum amount of estimated future sales by the matrix operation , the estimation of the future by the calculus , the estimation of the future by multivariate analysis , extraction of seasonal factors , and optimization of price , a prediction of demand , : plan content the automatic adjustment conjoint analysis , Newton’s method , PSM, by AB test , genetic algorithm