Experience of applying data science in business strategy field is the basis of our members’ perspective.

Minoru Kuriyama / 栗山 実


The keyword is “Science × Business”.
Two perspectives;
– one is the background as a scientist of theoretical physics (elementary particle theory and cosmology).
– the other is the background as a business strategy consultant with major global companies.
This combination of perspectives points to pursue to maximize application of scientific insight in business/social environment among “people”.

[Current occupation]

(as of 2018)

  • President, Antecanis Inc.
    (this website)
  • Visiting Professor, Tama University Graduate School of Business
    Lecturing “Business data analysis and strategy design”
  • Visiting Associate Professor, Globis University Graduate School of Management
    Lecturing “Quantitative analysis for business”
  • CEO, Frontcode Inc.
    IT services for pharmaceutical and medical industry
  • CAO (Analytics Chief), Cykinso Inc.
    Personal analysis service of gut microbiome and healthcare support, data analysis
  • Board Director, VISITS Technologies Inc.
    Developing HR platforms; university student network, idea generation capability test
  • Board Director, Grooves Inc.
    Recruiting services based on technologies; Network of career agents and software engineers’ career service
  • Co-founder, souco Inc.
    Start-up for innovation of logistics industry, warehouse capacity sharing platform
[Career history]
  • B.S. from Dept. of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo
  • M.S. from Dept. of Physics, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
    (major: elementary particle physics theory, cosmology))
  • Joined McKinsey & Company Inc.
    Engaged in marketing strategies and project managements over various industries
  • Joined Field Management Inc as a founding member
  • Founded Antecanis Inc. as a personal office in 2010 (incumbent)